Unides AF – Disinfectant solution

Ready to use rapid disinfectant based on alcohols for residue free disinfection. Unides AF has a broad antimicrobial spectrum and short drying time. Fragrance free.

minutes is the maximum exposure time
minutes will kill most veg. bacteria

Unides® AF is:
• Bactericidal (incl. MRSA)
• Mycobactericidal (M. terrae; M. avium)
• Yeasticidal, fungicidal (C. albicans; A. brasiliensis)
• Virus inactivating (HBV/HIV, HCV, BVDV, Rota-, Adeno-, Noro-, Vaccinia-, Influenza- and Herpes viruses)

VAH List of Disinfectants
IHO listing
BAuA registered according to EU Biocidal Regulation and ECHA guidelines (BAuA Reg.Nr.: N-72471)

Application in wipe dispenser systems tested in the 4-field test according to VAH guidelines by Hygieneinstitut IKI – PD Dr.Pitten, Gießen

100 g active ingredient solution contains: 24 g Ethanol and 37 g Propan-1-ol.

Color: colourless
pH-value: 9-10
Flash point: 25°C DIN 51755

Use for disinfection of wipeable surfaces and non-invasive alcohol resistant medical devices.

Apply to surface undiluted and allow disinfectant solution to take effect. Keep surface wet for the whole exposure time. Suitable for use with refillable dispenser systems.

Undes AF comes in different quantities

Product no. 50702 (PZN 13654708): 250 ml spray bottle

Product no. 50204 (PZN 13654714): 1.000 ml spray bottle

Product no. 50205 (PZN 13654720): 5 l canister

Product no. 50206 (PZN 13654737): 10 l canister